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* Iron object consists of a triangular tip more or less elongated , flexible probably the origin and fitted with either a round flattened summit , iron or bronze (type A) or duplicate tool , then provided two symmetrical ends (type B). A third embodiment includes objects not tapered flattened top (type C).

Materia: fer, bronze

Božič, Feugère 2004; Faust 1998; Feugère 1995e ; Franken 1994c; Merten 1985; Gaitzsch 1984a.

     The merit of identifying these objects back to J. Merten , who first put the relationship archaeological and Roman iconography , proving their membership in the scriptorium Instrumentarium . Mr. Feugère then proposed to relate to the same double function tools , hitherto described as tools to work with clay , or leather ( even Goguey 2010 , p.139 ) , and laid the foundation for general typology . With few exceptions, other works mainly concern spatulas figured handle , which remain the best documented. Other publications have helped complete the list of known copies ( for type A : Böhme - Schönberger 2010) . Type A1 SPC- 4001 , Type A2 SPC- 4002 , TPS- 4009 Type A2a , A3 type SPC- 4003 , A4 type SPC- 4004 ; kind A5a SPC- 4005 ; kind A5b SPC- 4010 ; kind A5c SPC- 4011 , B1 SPC- 4006 , B2 - type SPC 4007 , SPC- 4008 type C ;

Categorie: Scrittura (Campo: culturale)

Datazione proposta: 1 / 300

1: Prov. inconnue (XX)

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Typologie des spatules à cire (Feugère 1995)