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, coll. Berthon (A.), Teyssonneyre (Y.)
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Material: bronze

Abbitt 1973, type V ; White 2005a ;

Attributions: cloth, jewel (Domain: personal)

Suggested chronology: 1750 / 1800

Dating evidence:
Die großen Rechteckschnallen mit einer Länge von über 50 mm sind im allgemeinen nach 1750 anzusiedeln.

1 : , 1777-1800, site = Oranje Bay [Saint-Eustache] (BQ) (Stelten 2009, n° 39)
2 : Lyon, 86-92 rue Edmond Locard [69] (FR)

Stelten 2009: R. Stelten, The Golden Rock. Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century metal buckles from Oranje Bay, St. Eustatius, Bachelor Thesis, Universiteit Leiden, 2009
Abbitt 1973: M.W. Abbitt, The Eighteenth-Century Shoe Buckle. In : I. Noël Hume (ed.), Five Artifacts Studies (Colonial Williamsburg Occasional Papers in Archaeology, volume 1), Williamsburg 1973, 25-53.
White 2005a: C.L. White, American artifacts of personal adornment, 1680-1820, A guide to identification and interpretation, AltaMira Press, Oxford 2005.

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Lyon, 86-92 rue Edmond Locard [69] (FR) (ph. Y. Teyssonneyre)