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Artefacts now offers automatic distribution maps, generated from the geographic co-ordinates of the sites mentioned in the occurrences of each file. Two different sort of maps can be created and saved, on a selection of files, or on a single file.

In the first case, make your search, from a single word (e.g. "brooch") or, better, from a code (e.g. "FIB-"). On the top right corner of the first page displaying the results list, three icons leading to different map formats (France and its margins; Europe; Mediterranean basin) give access to the corresponding maps (one click on the selected icon). The selected text is displayed in a corner of the map, and, if necessary, can be placed on an other corner, by a simple click on the new corner.

In the second case, open the selected page; the same map icons appear on the top right corner. One click on the selected icon produces the map, this time with a tag containing a type-image and the file name. Just as previously, this tag can be placed on another corner on request.

Whichever map is selected, the diameter of the dots is proportional to the number of object at each site; unprovenanced objects (museums) are shown by a white dot.

Every map is first displayed in screen definition (72 dpi). Click again on the map to reach an image allowing copy (see below).


HD Mapping (300 dpi)

Once a map is displayed, a link appears below the bottom left corner "HD map with provenances". One click opens a new version of the same distribution map, but with the possibility of zooming by rolling the mouse so that the a label appears with the name of each site over which the mouse passes. Be patient, loading this map is much slower than usual loading.


Copying a map?

So as not to disturb the usual use of the site, the distribution maps open in a new window over the current page. A map can be closed again by using the "fermer" button at the bottom right of the map, as well as by clicking on the window behind it. Users needing to copy a map must click on it so that a new window from which the pop-up menu "Enregistrer sous" is accessible by a right click.

Use of Artefacts distribution maps is free, including for publication, on condition that each image used must acknowledge its source thus: © Artefacts.