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Instructions for use

To search for information in Artefacts, use either the Quick Search window, always available in the left menu, or the Advanced Search window.

In Quick Search mode (left menu), you are searching in "all fields" (description of a type, origin or even commentary). Here are some possible search words: brooch; silver; enamel; Bordeaux; Manching ... etc.

If you enter two words separated by a space, you will find all the files containing the first OR the second word.

You can also search for any author's name mentioned in a file page, a place name or a district. For a French department, enter its number between brackets, for example : "(34)". For other countries, the district (county, province, Kreis.... etc.) can be marked by apostrophes, or abbreviated between brackets. Make some tries to find how what you need is indicated.

To search objects of a precise period, use the type code followed by the period number : FIB-3 for example, to find Middle Iron Age brooches. To see the list of codes and periods, see Codes

NB : avec le menu Recherche de gauche, mieux vaut chercher un code qu'un mot (par exemple, "PRL-" plutôt que "perle"), les résultats seront plus précis.

In Advanced search mode, each request must be entered in the appropriate field. For example, put an author's name in the field Occurrences, or in Equivalences; or put a place name in the field Occurrences. Use this research mode, above all, to cross two requests on different fields, such as "iron" in "Materials" and "economic" in "Domain"

NB : in Advanced search mode, do not cross too many requests, the selection might be too narrow.


Thanks ...

to Marie Thomas-Combres and Nathalie Emmanuel (DR13 Cnrs Languedoc-Roussillon), as well as to Christelle Pineau (Photothèque Cnrs, Meudon) who helped us to formulate the Rights Cession Contract and the legal mentions. Thanks to M.-Chr. Lepoil who processed the contracts within the UMR 5140 of Cnrs ;

to Michel Py, for Syslat; to Andreea Mihet, Régis Motheau, Pierre Angéli, Hakima Manséri, Jérémy Bouny, Charly Eyango ... for the internet interface ;

to all the authors of Artefacts, for their thorough, often thankless work... ;

to all the authors of images and to all those who, by sending us new data, allow Artefacts to grow up.